The idea behind a database is to categorize and organize information. But how do we establish categories when sex is not binary and gender is fluid?

SEX-ED + made the choice to categorize the models according to the gender they mentioned during meetings. There are three categories : men, women and trans and non-binary folks. Certain people whose gender does not aligns with the gender assigned to them at birth may end up in a binary category (man/woman) or in the trans/non-binary one, depending on the gender they are more closely aligned to. Additional tags allow to refine those three categories.

Each bodily imprint is created in SEX-ED + workshop, following a process that respects the intimacy and dignity of the models. More specifically: we do not touch them, or even see them naked. Each person has to shave completely before the moulding (for technical reasons), which explains the lack of body hair on the reproductions.

The genital database is in constant evolution. New models will be added throughout 2022, notably reproductions of excision, infibulation and clitoral reconstruction.



Trans and non-binary folks

Contributing to a culture of consent, one genital at a time.