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Image from the website clit'info

Clit’info par Odile Fillod

After initially dedicated to tracking the disinformation pertaining to the clitoris — and attempting to correct it — Odile Fillod decided to make the results of her investigations available on an ad hoc website. She hopes to contribute to the improvement of public knowledge about this organ, to provide a reliable resource for professionals (teachers, healers, sexuality educators…), and to also contribute to the correction of certain historical and etymological elements still present even in scientific literature.

Logo of Unige, Bioscope and HUG

Sciences, Sexes et Identités

This is a scientific and pedagogical project that promotes sexual health, whose mission is to inform and educate youths, their parents, as well as education and health professionals. The project looks at the biological and social dimensions of sex, gender and sexuality to promote sexual health from a sex positive persepctive. It is based on sexual rights and the contribution toward a reduction in discrimination, sexual, homo-, bi- or transphobic violence.

Two 3D hands holding one another

Hidden Beauty

The Hidden Beauty project aims to allow people to view other humans and to show that We Are Beautiful. The human body takes many shapes and forms and we should all be comfortable in our own bodies and have a positive body image.

Image of two mauve rubber clitoris

Anatomical education

Doctor O’Connell  and doctor Mulligan collaborated to produce a life-size clitoris. This medical model translates Professor Helen O’Connell’s research on the anatomy and function of the clitoris first published in 1998.