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Penis erect, Model 3

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External genitalia (erect penis) of a cisgender (whose gender aligns with gender assigned at birth), endosex (who does not have known intersex traits), 35 years old man. The penis is intact (the foreskin has not been surgically removed).

SPECIFICATION : Integral shaving to allow moulding.


RELATIONSHIP TO GENITALIA : “When I learned about my HIV+ status at aged 19, I was scared to transmit the infection to my partners. That was until 2008, when research demonstrated that HIV+ folks under treatment weren’t at risk of transmission, even if they didn’t use condoms. My perception of my genitalia changed because I stopped associating it with the virus. This new knowledge and the arrival of PrEP helped decrease the stigma faced by HIV+ folks and allowed me to be more in tune with my body and my pleasure.”