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Phalloplasty, Model 1

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External genitalia (flaccid penis) of a trans (whose gender doesn’t align with gender assigned at birth), endosex (who does not have known intersex traits), 32 years old  man who has had gender-affirmating surgery (phalloplasty) six years prior to moulding. Because of surgery complications, the model had only one testicle
implant at the time of moulding and no erection pump.

SPECIFICATION : Integral shaving to allow moulding.

NAME GIVEN TO GENITALIA : “Phallo, penis.”

RELATIONSHIP TO GENITALIA : “Mitigated. I am still exploring this semi-functional anatomy. I was definitely unlucky and had a lot of surgery complications following the phalloplasty. After 8 general and 1 local anaesthesia, I am still not done. I do not have a penile pump as Health Canada didn’t approve the one specially adapted to trans men. I have sexual limitations, I still can’t pee while standing. But for the brief moment when I had a penile pump, when I activated it for the first time and I had MY penis, hard and erect in my hands, I felt that I was totally whole. That was a moment of pure bliss, worth all the sacrifices.”