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Vulva, Model 1

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External genitalia (vulva) of a cisgender (whose gender aligns with gender assigned at birth), endosex (who does not have known intersex traits), 40 years old  nulliparous (who didn’t give birth) woman.

SPECIFICATION : Integral shaving to allow moulding.

NAME GIVEN TO GENITALIA : “Snatch, vulva, beaver, twat.”

RELATIONSHIP WITH GENITALIA : “For a long time it was associated with pain. For ten years, I went through multiple treatments for an infection. I finally understood that I was allergic to latex. Not a single doctor made the link. That’s a lot of suffering for such an easy problem to solve. There are truly a lot of things to improve when it comes to sexual health and patient care, as medical professionals are not super knowledgeable or comfortable with the matter. Now it’s going super well.”